Nieuws van het consulaat Contacts

This site is under development.  For contacts please email the (honorary) consul, Drs Cornelis Klein at or by phone 070-7786215

The consulate

The consulate of the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Netherlands assists the government of Bhutan in general and the embassy in Brussels in particular in fostering good relations between the two countries. It also helps Bhutanese visitors (government officials, students, businessmen and women, as well as tourists) to familiarize themselves with the Netherlands and in facilitating their stay. Furthermore for those who are interested in visiting Bhutan or would like to know more about the country, general information, news and information resources will be provided as this site develops further. 


For Dutch visitors to Bhutan, the consulate can provide information about the country but it is not in a position to provide visas.  These can only be provided through travel agencies who have to submit the relevant information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimphu in order to obtain a visa clearance needed for boarding the flight of Druk Air or Buddha Air (flying from Kathmandu only) planes to Paro, the international airport of Bhutan.  Air connections are currently possible from New Delhi, Calcutta, Kathmandu, Dakha and Bangkok but new connections are being planned.

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